Carl’s Commute to Minneapolis

Over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, I went to visit Minneapolis, Minnesota! I didn’t have to get up very early, but it did take what felt like forever to me. It was a little over a three hour car ride. When we first arrived, we got settled in at the Crowne Royal Plaza, and we headed out to Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit, a German restaurant … Continue reading Carl’s Commute to Minneapolis

Creating Us

In the beginning, the first class you are required to take is Art Exploration. All three of the instructors teach this class. In this class, the goal is to learn basic drawing skills, art values/principles, and terminology. Art Expo, for short, is the perfect class for underclassmen to take because it is a good opportunity for the teachers to introduce themselves and make early relationships … Continue reading Creating Us

A Breath of Fresh Coffee

The transition from the drab ambience of Des Moines to the modern and sleek atmosphere of Horizon Line Coffee might be shocking when someone first enters the roastery. When examined closer, however, the small coffee shop, located on Walnut Street, fits perfectly in Iowa’s capital city. Since Brad Penna and Nam Ho launched the small business six months ago, they have succeeded in combining the … Continue reading A Breath of Fresh Coffee

“Building Opportunities”

“Building Opportunities” is the rather creative phrase the Urbandale Community School District, or UCSD, has been using to advertise the 2018 bond referendum. On February 6, 2018, registered voters of the UCSD will have the opportunity to vote on this bond referendum. While the plans of the bond referendum will not affect high school seniors, some of them have the ability to participate in the … Continue reading “Building Opportunities”