Senior Spotlight

Ashleigh Martin is a senior here at Urbandale High School, she does band, choir, knowledge bowl, and student TEAMS. When she was asked what her most memorable moment in high school was, she stated, “That is a tough one, I’m going to say it was my sophomore year when I was accepted into Urbandale Singers, because I idolized them pretty much since I moved to Urbandale back in 6th grade, and when I finally joined the choir the first month of class in there I walked in I was like ‘Oh my god these people are like legend and I’m in love with them’ and in the first week or so I got picked to kind of give an example to the class cause I did something really well I was like ‘woah I can’t believe I’m with these guys and they are looking up to me’ so that was a huge moment for me”.

Ashleigh Martin, Urbandale Senior

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