Lindsey Vonn Trains in Iowa

Tuesday, February 9, is the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics. This event will go until February 28. The Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. Sports such as Skiing, Snowboarding, Figure Skating, Bobsleighing, and so many more are included in this event. Athletes from all over the world compete in hopes of winning the gold.

Team USA fits into 15 different categories with over 230 athletes. Athlete, Lindsey Vonn, is not from Iowa but did most of her training here and Colorado. She is originally from Minnesota, but her grandparents live in Boone, Iowa. She got her inspiration to become an alpine ski racer from her grandparents at the age of 5. Ever since, she will challenge herself to the mountains in Colorado and the smaller slopes in Iowa. Lindsey Vonn was 16 when she won the world cup in 2000. Since her first Olympics, she has won 7 medals, 2 of which being gold.                  

Lindsey Vonn Finishing Race

Lindsey is 33 years old and is married to Thomas Vonn. Thomas is also an alpine ski racer for the US Olympic team. Vonn is one of the 2 women racers to win a World Cup, which she has won 4 times. The other woman is Annemarie Moser-Pröll who retired in 2010. Vonn has suffered many injuries such as torn ligaments and broken bones, but always comes right back.


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