Everything Urbandale Music Could Ask For

The music and show choir program is a strong community within Urbandale High School. They have become so successful because of people like Tyler Gajewski. Gajewski is active throughout the music department in groups such as band and show choir. Because of his involvement and experiences at Urbandale, Gajewsky has had an exciting four years of high school and is ready to take on the home stretch before moving onto college.

Even though Gajewski is active throughout the entire music department, the majority of his time is spent with the varsity show choir group, “Studio”.  Although it’s rare for a freshman to make Studio, Gajewsky challenged this notion and thrived in his first year in high school show choir. Along with two of his friends, he was put in Studio despite the fact they were still fresh out of middle school. “It’s been my life ever since the beginning of high school,” stated Gajewsky about his show choir career. Gajewski’s senior year has been going just as planned. Urbandale has lit up the stage in their first two competitions of the year. Studio has walked away sweeping both competitions and earning two Grand Champion trophies along with other individual awards. Studio won Best Band, Best Vocals, Best Choreography, and the Grand Champion, resulting in a sweep. Some of Gajewsky’s most memorable moments have come from show choir competitions throughout the years.

Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 2.17.22 PM
Urbandale Senior Tyler Gajewsky, (via gajewsky.tyler/Instagram)

Outside of show choir, Gajewski is part of band, show band vitality prep group, and also a third year member of the men’s acapella group called “Deez Notes.” He also spends a lot of his free time singing or listening to music as well. When Gajewski isn’t absorbed in music, he often spends time with his friends doing all sorts of things. One of their favorites is watching movies. Gajewsky and his friends are considered movie fanatics and love watching them, specifically Christopher Nolan Productions. Gajewski is also a member of the YMCA basketball league team “The Division Sixers.” Despite their lack of success, he still enjoys being able to play organized basketball with his friends.

After an exciting four years of high school, Gajewsky is ready to graduate and move to the University of Northern Iowa to study Vocal Music Education. He is excited to go to college, but will definitely miss some of his friends and teachers back in Urbandale. Gajewsky wants to emphasize the importance of staying involved and finding a nice group of friends to create memories with because high school doesn’t last forever.

Gajewsky’s passion and commitment to music has made him a reliable and enjoyable student to have in the music department at Urbandale. Urbandale is pleased to have such a student as Tyler Gajewsky.


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