Gymnastic Justice

Larry Nassar was born August 16, 1963. He was convicted as a serial child molester in January 2018. He was the coach of the USA Gymnastics National Team for 18 years and was an Osteopathic Physician, a doctor who works with joints, muscles, and the spine, at Michigan State University for 11 years. He occasionally helped with sports injuries. Often times when he would assault … Continue reading Gymnastic Justice

“Sorry, we’re closed.”

The United States Government shut down Saturday, January 20, starting at midnight in the Eastern Time Zone. The shutdown was due to failure to pass legislation that would fund government agencies and operations. “What causes a government shutdown?” some may question. A government shutdown happens when a spending bill has expired, and Congress cannot come to an agreement on how to fund the government. Just … Continue reading “Sorry, we’re closed.”

The Vegetarian Voices

With health fads constantly changing, it can be hard to find the right meal plan. Kayla Nguyen and Briar Conrey, Urbandale seniors, have both settled on vegetarianism. Through interviews, Nguyen and Conrey detail just why they choose a meat free diet. “I’ve been vegetarian for two months now. I became vegetarian when I started researching about the causes of climate change. After learning about how … Continue reading The Vegetarian Voices

“Welcome to Flavortown”

There isn’t a more comfortable, divey hometown restaurant than George The Chili King Drive-In. The small drive-in successfully runs as one of the old school restaurants in the Des Moines area. Everywhere from the LED sign outside the building, to the red high chairs watching the grill, The Chili King has been producing food the original way since the 1950’s. The Chili King has history … Continue reading “Welcome to Flavortown”