Icy on I-80

Snow came into Iowa early morning on January 5th. Those walking out to their cars were ankle deep in 6-7 inches of snow. At 12:30, a car pile-up involving 50 plus cars occured on Interstate 80, closing 13th street and Highway 30. Traffic in the area had not opened up again until 6 and half hours later at 7 p.m. As many as 5 people were injured and taken to a nearby hospital as soon as possible. Dana Easter, 53, of Independence, Missouri was killed in the crash. She was a passenger on a bus. Five other vehicles collided into her.

The Iowa Department of Transportation released a video of the crash saying that the crash could have been avoided if people would have been driving slower because of the weather conditions. “We were all driving too fast and not breaking soon enough,” Bob McPartlim of St. Paul, Minnesota, told KCCI. Story County sheriff captain, Barry Thomas, said that he has never seen such a major accident in all of his career. Over 246 calls were made to the Story county police to report this accident. That is more than they have ever received as a department in one day.

Ames Pile-Up

Involved in the accident was a bus from the show “Dancing With The Stars.” The cast of the show was touring when they crashed into several other cars. All members were fine, but were unable to perform because of soreness and headaches. They tweeted soon after saying that everyone was okay. Season 25 winner of “Dancing With The Stars” and now a choreographer Jordan Ficher was on the bus and he tweeted, “One of the tour buses with the cast and crew of tour was involved in a multi-car accident this afternoon due to bad weather while en route to Ames, Iowa. All cast and crew members are fine, with some recovering from minor injuries. Due to this tonight’s show has been canceled!”


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