It’s Not All About the Game

“Super Bowl Sunday” is one of the most exciting phrases heard around the country. On Sunday, February 4, 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles faced off against a familiar face to the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots. The high scoring, back-and-forth game, was exactly what  spectators hope for in a Super Bowl. For those who don’t enjoy watching a football game though, Super Bowl Sunday consists of other entertainment for its viewers. There’s a reason it is the most watched sporting event in the United States. Gathering with some friends at a Super Bowl party and enjoying the halftime performance are some of the highlights of the night.

Football fan or not, people are often found hanging out at Super Bowl parties. The Super Bowl party scene is consistent throughout America. A large TV with the game on, filled with opinionated football fans, and a whole lot of food to eat throughout the night. Super Bowl parties often have the food found at tailgates or other sports related parties. One of the most popular food items is chicken wings, about 1.35 billion chicken wings are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Compared to every other Sunday, pizza orders are up 350% (CNN). This day is the biggest day of the year in pizza sales, the second biggest day of the year in burger grilling, which all results in the second biggest day of the year in food consumption, only behind Thanksgiving. The massive amount of food intake on this day has caused a national “holiday” called Super Sick Monday. An estimated 14 million people call in to work sick the following Monday after the Super Bowl.


For those unable to enjoy a football game and already stuffed with food, the next excitement to come is at halftime. The honor to perform at a halftime show dates back to the very first Super Bowl back in the 60’s. This year, everybody was thrilled to find out Justin Timberlake was going to perform at halftime. Timberlake was thrilled as well, getting the opportunity to redeem himself for the wardrobe malfunction him and Janet Jackson had at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004. When it was Timberlake’s turn during the game, he caused quite the controversy. Some viewers thought his performance was  too safe, some loved it. One of the first things to notice was his outfit; the camo suit and shirt with elk grazing in the scenic background caught everyone’s attention immediately. His outfit reinforced his newest album “Man of the Woods.” Another highlight of the performance was the tribute to Prince who died in April of 2016. Minneapolis, the location of the Super Bowl, was also Prince’s hometown. This gave Timberlake the opportunity to honor one of his idols. Once again, this caused controversy and fans of Prince became angry, calling it disrespectful. Although it wasn’t meant to be, the enlarged visual of Prince was taken as an insult to him and his fanbase. To top it off, the meme worthy kid in the audience gave social media exactly what they were looking for. Thirteen year old Ryan Mckenna was approached by Timberlake during his performance and decided to take a selfie with the performer. The selfie blew up on social media almost immediately.

The most anticipated sporting event of the year didn’t disappoint in 2018. This year, Super Bowl parties were evident as ever, plus, the game and halftime performance entertained everyone possible.


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