The Fire Spreading

Over the past few months, there has been a noticeable increase in metro fires. December 18, 2017 Plaza Lanes caught fire, devastating thousands of people. On January 1, 2018, the Plumwood Terrace Condominiums caught fire for the second time in 10 years. The most recent fire was February 10, 2018. Fire and rescue crews were called to the scene of 2800 block and 80th Street in Urbandale.

Urbandale fire chief, Jerry Holt, said, “There isn’t really a common factor in these fires, it’s just people starting these fires, not on purpose. Often in this weather it is leaving things on, like heaters, irons, etc. This year so far we have had a total of four fires, which is a more than normal for us at this point in the year. It’s little things that later we look back and think how it so easily could’ve been prevented. Little things like putting cigarette ashes out in the garage instead of outside.”  

The Plumwood Terrace Condominiums was said to be a total loss for people living on the top floor. The roof collapsed, bringing the third and second floor down along with it. While crews battled the fire at Plaza Lanes, the roof eventually caved in, destroying the building. The homeowner of the Urbandale incident will likely lose their entire house. Sadly, all three of these fires in the metro have been total losses, all their things are ruined, as well as the buildings.

Plaza Lanes has been ruled an accidental fire, the Plumwood Terrace Condominiums and the house fire, however, are still being investigated to determine the origin.

For more information on protection from being a victim of a fire, visit

Urbandale Fire Station 41, 7100 Douglas Ave.

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