The Radish

Opening in 2010, The Radish is known for it’s 5 star experience, it’s history, and a menu that offers traditional food with elegance. The Radish is located at 721 East 1st Street in Grimes. It was built in 1984, but not for the purpose of being a restaurant. In the beginning, it was an average family home. There is no record of the previous owner before it was sold to become the family’s work and home.

The previous owners had turned their home into a dentist office, not what you would typically think. After their business failed, the couple sold their home to become a Mexican restaurant in 1990. The inside of the house was reconstructed to make a three story restaurant, but the outside was left untouched to make a more homey feel. The building was sold again in 2000 to the current owner, Joe McGuigan. McGuigan turned the building into a 5 star dining and catering restaurant, currently known as The Radish. In 2013, The Radish was given an award for best traditional restaurant in Iowa.


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.00.23 AM
Cavatelli and Grimie Chips

The menu changes between lunch and dinner. The lunch menu consists of burgers and salads. With dinner starting at 5 o’clock, customers are given choices between pasta, steaks, and seafood. All the pasta and appetizers are homemade. For dessert, you are offered Italian wedding cake, and the option of Créme Brûlée. Heated by a hand held torch at the customers table or booth  and so the dish is to the customers satisfaction.

Each meal is served with a radish on the side, and homemade bread and butter. There is also a daily soup, alternating between cheesy potato and shrimp ro juj. For drinks a water is brought out to you and topped with a lemon. As for the rest of the drinks, there are many wines and beers at the bar. When wine is ordered it is brought and poured at your seat.

Every Sunday morning from 8-12, a brunch buffet is served. Around 50 different options for brunch, from bread pudding to English pastries is served across the restaurant. An omelette station is set up at the beginning of the buffet line, where you tell one of the servers what you would like on your omelette, and they will make it right in front of you, then bring it to you when it is finished. The all you can eat brunch is served at $15.99. After 12, you are given the option if you would like to eat off the lunch menu or continue with the brunch.

Walking in I was greeted by the staff and asked the owner, Joe McGuigan, why he chose to open a restaurant. He responded with, “Well you see my uncle and I were very close when I was younger, he dreamed of opening a restaurant, so when he died I took everything I had and continued his dream.” He sat down and talked about how his uncle was a chef in Hell’s Kitchen until his grandmas health brought him to Iowa. His uncle was in the process of owning The Radish but when he died he gave everything to Joe to have him continue the business. Today Joe continues his uncle’s dream and so much more.


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