Spring Fever

Des Moines, the fastest growing city in the midwest, provides an array of options when it comes to entertainment. Since spring is right around the corner, there are places in Des Moines worth checking out. The warm weather is all the more reason to get out and experience some Des Moines favorites, such as the High Trestle Trail Bridge and the Des Moines Arts Festival, which are perfect places for an Urbandale High School student.

The High Trestle Trail Bridge located in Ankeny, Iowa

The High Trestle Trail is the dream trail for all hikers and nature lovers in Des Moines. It’s a 25 mile long trail that runs through five different towns in Iowa. Although, the highlight of the trail is the bridge. The High Trestle Trail Bridge is a half mile long walkway located in Ankeny, Iowa. The bridge consists of separate, decorative squares that rotate as the bridge continues. Looking through the walkway is a must-see when hiking on this trail. Although the bridge is exciting in the daylight, it is truly something special when the sun goes down. Lights are placed on each square allowing the rotating shapes are even more pleasing than normal. The High Trestle Trail Bridge is a free of cost, good for exercise and a perfect location for date night.




Another warm weather activity Des Moines provides is the Des Moines Arts Festival. This is an event Iowans look forward to every year. The annual festival will take place from June 22-24, 2018 this year. The art festival is a three day event where hundreds of artists from around the country get the opportunity to display their work for others to view, most of the art is up for sale as well. Paintings, pottery, jewelry, clothing, and many more are some of the products these artists display. Along with the artists work, the Des Moines Arts Festival is famous for their culinary arts as well. Food trucks line the streets, giving customers every food imaginable. Attendants of the festival meander their way through the long lines that fill the streets. Everything from tacos, to bubble tea, to spring rolls are offered at these rolling restaurants. Live music, interactive art, and the Pappajohn Sculpture Park are among other experiences at the festival as well.

The High Trestle Trail Bridge and the Des Moines Arts Festival scream classic Des Moines experiences. Now that the weather is starting warm up, it is time to get out and take a hike on the High Trestle Trail Bridge or visit the Des Moines Arts Festival to fulfill the Des Moines experience.


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