Death at the Doorstep

A total of five detonated explosions in Austin, Texas has put the city on high alert. Packaged bombs have been left on doorsteps at what seems to be random. “It is very possible that these devices were activated by someone either handling, kicking, or coming in contact with a tripwire that activated them” said Austin Police Chief, Brian Manley. Many victims were hospitalized in well condition, however, the last bomb killed 2 people. The victims of the last explosion were 39 year old, Anthony House and his step-son, seventeen year old, Draylen Mason.

Residents have been warned to stay indoors.. After the explosions, the news says strange packages and backpacks at doorsteps are to be reported to the police right away. Questions have risen, if these bombings are an act of terrorism. White House Secretary, Sarah Sanders says that President, Donald Trump “…mourns for the victims of the Austin attacks but there is no apparent nexus to terrorism at this time.” Trump has pledged his support to local law enforcement on the ground in Texas.


Locations of Explosions

The packages are believed to be being shipped through FedEx. Although there is no direct link between the explosions, a conveyor belt set off a package accidentally at a FedEx building near the others explosions. Investigators believe that the serial bomber was shipping the bombs to the targets. “We suspect that it is related to our investigation,” said FBI spokeswoman Michelle Lee. The accidental explosion thankfully did not injure any of the workers.

On Wednesday, March 21, police identified the bomber as Mark Anthony Conditt. Conditt killed himself by setting off a bomb in his car when surrounded by police. He did not detonate the bomb until SWAT team members approached him, authorities said. Police have not yet made a public statement about how they caught Conditt. The investigation is still on to find out if there are more packages and to see if Conditt was working alone.


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