Late Night Eats

With the spring semester drawing to a close, and finals just around the corner, the search for the best study spots and procrastination points begin. From soaking up information with your pals, to eats induced with laughter, it’s no mystery that late nights are some of the best nights.

But where are the best spots? What is the draw to late nights?

Urbandale senior, Emily Geller, stated, “It’s nice to have places open late to go chill and study after a long shift.” The split between Urbandale and Des Moines, just a mile east of Urbandale High School, is full of these types of restaurants.

Fellow late-night-eater, and Hoover senior, Misael Orendain explained that he liked places open late because “Eating late with my good friends is a great way to end the day.”

The most popular spots:




Located at 5525, Douglas Avenue in Des Moines, Abelardo’s is known for their speed, coupled with authentic mexican food and cheery staff. They are open from 6 AM to 4 AM every day, with regular business throughout all hours. Abelardo’s on Douglas has been deemed the “best Abelardo’s in the metro” according to a reviewer who also stated they have the best staff.



Open 24 hours, this popular breakfast food chain maintains regular customers through all hours of the day. With one location resting on Douglas Avenue, near Merle Hay Mall, it is a perfect place to down some pancakes, coffee, and  finish that Lit paper you’ve been putting off all week.



All Perkins restaurants also maintain a 24 hours schedule, seven days a week. One of the biggest draws of late-night-eaters to this spot is their pancakes. After 9 PM the pancakes come all you can eat along with half-price pie and a number of other deals.


Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings, known for their wings with a wide range of sauces and dry seasonings, is yet another late night eat to hit up. They are open 11 AM to 12 AM Monday through Thursday, and 11 AM to 1 AM Friday and Saturday.




Arguably the most popular coffee chain in the U.S., Starbucks offers a wide range of beverage options including coffees and teas, but they are not a late night contender. Starbucks is only open until 10 PM Monday through Saturday and until 9 PM on Sundays.


Friedrichs Coffee

Friedrichs Coffee is a local small batch, Artisan roasting company. These shops can only be found in the Des Moines Metro area, with five locations sitting in the area. Friedrichs only buys the highest quality beans, which they also sell in bulk so you can’t take the rich tastes of their best coffees home with you. Their hours are 6 AM to 9 PM Monday through Thursday, open as late as 10 PM Friday and Saturday, and Sundays until 5 PM, eliminating them from the late night list.


Smokey Row

Smokey Row is a local caffe featuring fresh-roasted coffee and diner-style eats in “an industrial-chic space.” Beloved by many, Smokey Row is open until 10 PM Sunday through Thursday and until 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.  The public is invited to tickle their tongues with some late night Java at Smokey Row.


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