Donut Festival

On April 7th, 2018 the 7 Flags Event Center will be hosting the 2nd annual Coffee and Donut Festival. Tickets start at $30 for adults and $5 for children from ages 6-12, everyone else is free. The festival will have a jelly donut wrestling, donut king and queen, donut eating competition, best donut award, minute to win it games, donuts of glory, photo booth involving Mr.Donut, and many other things. This year one of the judges for the Donut Queen contest is Miss Iowa, Chelsea Dubczak. The winner for the best donut award last year was Donut Hut.

Donut Festival logo

The jelly donut wrestling takes place on an inflatable platform where two contestants will be covered in jelly donuts and fight to see who is better. This event has a bracket so eventually the two best will battle it out for a champion. News stations will follow up on this event so, Channel 13’s Meghan Selwah was interviewed about the festival. She was asked, “What kinds of things will Channel 13 be focusing on at the festival?” She replied with, “We are looking for the fun people will be having and really just trying to get like a good overview on small fun things that will be happening in our state.”


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