The Breakfast Soup

When it comes to arguing over a mindless, simple question, high schoolers jump over the opportunity to debate. Some examples of this are: Is a hot dog considered a sandwich? Is water wet? Lately, another thinker has been buzzing around Urbandale High School. Is cereal considered soup? There are valid arguments going either way and some students and teachers around the school feel very strongly about this topic.

The initial thought of considering cereal as soup might be absurd, but the two, when compared to each other have some similar principles. Senior, Zaiah Quirk, elaborates on whether they are the same or not, “My first thought was no but after I think about it, I mean, you eat them both with a spoon and they both have liquids and solids, so kind of.” Cereal and soup both being eaten with a spoon, both having a solid absorbed by a liquid, and both eaten out of a bowl is the core argument for those who are pro same category.

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Urbandale junior Kate Heiliger is a a strong “separate category” supporter.

There is also a strong counterargument for those who categorize them as separate. “I do not believe that soup and cereal should be placed in the same category because they have completely different components to them and it’s just wrong,” says Urbandale junior, Kate Heiliger. Those who consider the two separate often claim this because of the lack of  “cooking” cereal. The dictionary definition of soup is, “A liquid dish, typically made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables.” The word ‘typically’ allows not every soup to be boiled or cooked, which along with the other no-boil soups, cereal can be considered a soup. Another common argument discusses the time of day these two foods are eaten. Cereal is typically eaten in the morning for breakfast while on the contrary, soup is eaten for lunch or dinner. At the same time there isn’t any other food that is specifically categorized as something because of the time it is eaten. Eggs might often be eaten in the morning but at the same time, they are commonly used to cook with in meals and desserts. Same with meat, meat can be eaten at any point in the day as well. The time of day should not determine what kind of food it’s categorized as.

No matter where somebody lands on the spectrum, debating this question can often bring heat into any friendly argument. Urbandale is just waiting for another shallow mind blower to surface into daily conversation.







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