Denial For Finals

This year at Urbandale High School, it was announced by the school that the student’s 1st semester finals would take place after winter break and students have not taken the news lightly. In past years, finals were the week before winter break but changed due to school starting later than usual. Lots of people have complained and disliked the decision. Many students have wondered if the decision is beneficial or if it is just making  finals more difficult and stressful.

One of the points students have made is that they will have to spend all of their winter break studying instead of enjoying rest and spending time with family. Some students travel over break and don’t want to be studying when they would rather be doing other things.

“I think it’s stupid and not beneficial for our learning. Our entire break will be spent worrying about school other than everything else,” said Grace Pearson, Urbandale sophomore.

Finals are approaching fast with only a month till the end of the first semester

Another point students have argued is that they are worried they will forget the information over break and not do well on their tests. Finals will take place a week after winter break ends so that means students only have a week to get everything back in their heads after the activities of their break. Some students might struggle because that might not be enough time to review material for their classes.

Mykenna Cole, Urbandale sophomore was asked if she thought she would remember material over break and said, “No, I think I’m going to forget everything because I like to have fun over break and I forget things a lot.”

This brings up another major argument which is that is it will ultimately contribute to more stress in the students. Some of student’s classes are hard enough and now they have to keep information in their head throughout break? Students feel overwhelmed and are worried about what could happen during their final.

Noah With, Urbandale senior said, “Having a lot of work over break would be very stressful for me.”

Students strongly dislike the change and think this decision just makes finals week more difficult for the students. Many are hoping for this rule to change but this decision looks like it is a permanent choice by Urbandale High School.


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