Intervention for IES?

Why IES?  Some see this time and think, oh no, while others see this time and say, “Oh yeah.”  There are many mixed emotions about IES, and every student should have a say in their time spent at school.

There are, certainly, different perspectives found in every room, house, and building, but the facts never change.  The fact is this, IES was a student committee creation for allowing more time to get help with a subject, study for a subject, or simply learn a fun new skill.

What is it about IES that has caused a backlash and dislike from the students?  Mr. Carver, UHS Principle said, “I don’t think people dislike IES, I think students do not like change, I mean nobody really likes change.”

The reason IES is undesired, and or, not well accepted by the students it’s because it changed in the system for UHS.

Many other schools have the same program, but call that program by a different name.  Johnston High School calls their program “Johnston Time.” Ames, Cedar Falls, and DCG, just to name a few, are schools who Urbandale High School has looked at to replicate our new program.  The Multi-Tier System of Support program is how the Urbandale staff had become aware of a new approach in which they could help students.

This program’s original intent was to help students

UHS Principle Tim Carver

 and give more time for learning.  Originally connections took up 9 minutes out of the day, and also a 5 minute passing period.  This and taking away time from lunches and the extra long 5th period made room for IES without causing the school day to go past 3:10 on a non-block day.

IES is a program that was created to help students and provide a time to benefit them.  And the best part is, students created this program and created the name. The school board just implemented this program into the flow of UHS and it has done good things for the students of this school.  The only reason people don’t like this is that they aren’t comfortable with change.


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