Sports: Helping Students?

How can a sport help the average student to the star athlete?  Students who choose to participate in football, volleyball, swimming, and or track and field, etc, will find many benefits by participating.

The student no longer represents themselves on the field, court, or track but they bring with them; the pride and expectations of their school.

When the team or individual displays a winning performance for the community around the school, such as parents, siblings, friends, and extended family, have pride in said team or individual.  This pride from the spectators then becomes the driving point for the athlete to be the best, because when he or she is the best they bring with them a greater accomplishment. An accomplishment for the school.  

Getting good grades is fine and all, but the feeling of lifting a state championship above one’s head is the greatest high school dream.  Winning on the mat, field, or court has no comparison to any accomplishment in the classroom. School accomplishments amplify the single student, while a Baseball State Title lifts up the entire school.  School is important and is a necessary part of life, but for the athlete and the committed fan, nothing says, “You did it, all that hard work has now paid off”, like lifting that trophy above one’s head.

Not only is community pride a great thing to support, but fitness is a great outcome of sports.  Because of the nature of sports, they require physical activity. Fitness not only teaches about working out, but also injury prevention, recovery, and cool down.  Sports teach commitment, endurance, and passion.

UHS Frerichs Field

When students can manage sports and school they will be a better student student-athlete lessons learned in sports can be taken to almost every aspect of life.  Motivation in sports creates great moral for the students and faculty members.

Overall, sports are great for high schools.  Faculty members appreciate a chance to see and be apart of something other than teaching.  For students, they provide a chance for lessons and learning from mistakes to become better.  When faced with a choice few will choose the path of hardship and pain, most will choose the path of least resistance.  For those chosen few the reward is great.


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