Boy’s Golf: Coach Henkenius

UHS’s head boy’s golf coach Patrick Henkenius has high hopes for this season. This is Coach Henkenius’ 8th season at Urbandale but he has been coaching boy’s golf for 20 years. The varsity team is set to play their district meet at Copper Creek Golf Course on October 8th. On October 1st Coach Henkenius agreed to sit down with the Urbandale Times, to discuss this season. 

Coach Henkenius described how his coaching is a big part of his family, “I grew up with a coaching family. My dad was a coach. I got about 20 cousins, nieces, sisters, nephews, uncles, and aunts that are coaches. Just kinda the way we always were brought up; in a family of people talking about coaching.” 

When asked about goals for the team, Henkenius replied, “ Our goals are to continually improve; heading into conference and districts.” 

Some of his favorite memories coaching are, “All the fun stories and bantering back and forth. You know how the guys make fun of each other back and forth. Seeing the guys play well is obviously a good time too.”

Every team has it’s unique advantages. Henkenius says that the best part about this year’s team is that many of the boys on the team are competing for spots, “A lot of guys that seem interested to play. If they continue to stay interested they will be good in the upcoming years.” 

The reason the Henkenius coaches is because, “It’s always fun to try to get people to work together and have a good time. Get some wins is really fun.” 

The UHS golf team is continuing their season with the guidance of Coach Henkenius. The players are looking forward to their upcoming games. 

When asked if he had a proudest moment Henkenis replied, “Not for me, just that the guys continue to get after it and have fun playing golf.” 

This year’s boy’s golf team is working hard. The team is interested in golf and has the motivation it takes to win. Henkenius will continue to led UHS’s golf team to victory!

The J-Hawk flag in the business pod where Mr. Henkenius’ class is.

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