UHS Theater Arts Program is Kicking Off!

The UHS Theater Arts Department is gearing up for its upcoming fall play, Twelfth Night

So far the school has hosted a Booster Club Drive on August 20th. The drive is a fundraiser that raises money for UHS’s athletic and fine arts programs. In past years, the Booster Club drives have had great success and it has covered the costs of items that otherwise the students would have had to purchase. 

The annual Theater Arts kick-off meeting took place on August 27th. All students interested in or returning to the Theater Arts program were welcome to come. Parents were encouraged to come as well so that they may receive more information about what is in store for this year and their student. 

Audition workshops were held on August 30th after school. The audition workshops were a way for the potential cast members to gain confidence and knowledge about the audition process. Mr. Knapp, the drama and speech director, suggested bringing a friend who was nervous for auditions to this event. 

On September 9th the cast for the Twelfth Night was announced. The crew would be decided shortly after. The students interested in the crew positions would choose one of the many important jobs backstage. The pre-run crew is responsible for set construction, painting props, costuming, publicity and much more. Not to mention the hard work the run-crew does from wardrobe and makeup to lights and operations. 

The students will perform the Twelfth Night November 1st to the 3rd. This is a Shakespearean romantic comedy that is about overturning the social order. 

Bickley Riley, a UHS senior, describes the play, “The play is about a girl named Viola who shipwrecks in a new country and decides to cross-dress to join the royal staff in order to change her life and become someone new. We are taking a grunge early 90’s spin to it. The set looks like a mix of a roller rink and a Nirvana music video.”

The cast and crew for the UHS fall play worked hard to create an entertaining show for the school and community. The theater arts program is a beloved and important part of the high school’s atmosphere.

A picture of the Urbandale Theater Arts and Speech department board on September 19th


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