Coronavirus: Deadly Outbreak

Coronavirus is a group of viral infections that range in severity and contagiousness. Mostly, these viruses circulate in animals and are zootonically transmitted. The particular strain that began spreading in late 2019 is known as Novel Coronavirus. 

WuHan official takes citizen’s temperature.

The symptoms largely resemble those in cases of severe pneumonia. Which include respiratory infection, fever, and cough. In more severe circumstances, the symptoms can evolve into kidney failure. The gravity of the way the virus manifests largely depends on the health of the victim. For example, people with already compromised immune systems, such as infants and the elderly, are significantly more prone to fatality. Due to high concentration of illness in the area, it is believed the virus originated in WuHan, China. Despite this, it has not remained 

contained to this area. It is rapidly spreading over Asia, as well as parts of North America. The CDC states that there has been over eleven confirmed cases in the United States. Though person to person transmission has not been confirmed, the general public should take precautions against illness. These precautions include frequent hand washing, avoiding inclosed spaces with many people (for example, planes), and covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing.  


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