Discipline in the School Yard

“Violent brawl between teacher and student in California,” Texas substitute teacher fired after video shows alleged fight. For years, these types of problems have been happening. People have been increasingly aware due to social media. It all starts when the student has a problem with what the teacher is saying. They go back and forth until the student starts yelling and then the teacher yells back. 

An example of how things get too far is a student vs. teacher fight at Iroquois High School. It started with the teacher asking for the kid’s cell phone. The kid then refused and they started arguing. The teacher pushed the student while he was in his chair and he got up both yelling at each other. The student pushed the teacher and that started a big fight between them both punching each other. 

It’s human nature that kids don’t want to listen to teachers or follow their direction, even when it is as simple as putting a phone away. It can’t be helped, you can try to make it not go that far but students are never going to listen to their teachers. Kids think they are too good to be told what to do.

Nick Ahlquist, a history/ government teacher at Urbandale High School, in his opinion he is one of the easy-going teachers but still has expectations about what students should do. Ahlquist loves being a teacher, he always wanted to work with people. At first, he wanted to be an elementary teacher but then he worked with students and he changed his mind. When he became a teacher he just loved seeing his students be excited  about getting a good grade and seeing them want to learn. When seeing them cross the stage he knew it was all worth it.

The problem that he has seen, is students with phones and the way students spend their time. Students try to go out to use the restroom to waste their time or just go on their phones. From his own experience as a student, he knows students are doing these things. When they are bored they decide to go on their phones to pass the time. Ahlquist really believes if it wasn’t for the notification kids wouldn’t be tempted to look at their phone. 

The biggest thing that has helped him in the classroom is to take attendance with the phone charts. Comparing it to the past year he has seen more kids pay attention to classwork then their phones. The other thing is he tries to help students understand what they are doing so they don’t give up and get bored.  He just doesn’t want to try to be demanding about the phone. He doesn’t think it will help the problems. He just hopes the problem doesn’t get worse then it is and hopes to find a solution. 

Teachers are trying to help find solutions to the many people in the classroom. For some teachers it’s working, but for others it is still the same. If people really think about it, it will probably never change, because kids are programmed to say what they want and not care what anyone else has to say. No kid is going to follow a teacher’s rules for 12 years if they don’t agree with it. It’s never going to change.

Normal life in a classroom


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