The Outdoor rink at Lions park

Over the winter, an ice rink appeared at Lions park. This was not just any rink, it was an outdoor rink. Hockey is meant to be played outdoors. There is something magical about carving your sharp blades into the buttery smooth ice as you tear it up with the boys. The crunching of ice is amplified by the cold outdoors, the snow flies in the air as you make a sharp stop. There is nothing like it, and this winter it was right here in Urbandale. And the rink itself came with many benefits.

I personally think the outdoor rink was a great thing for Urbadale. It introduced many people to the sport of ice hockey. The Iowa Wild and Wells fargo sponsored the rink. This also helped the Iowa Wild grow their market and sell more tickets. Not to mention how important I think it is to grow the sport of hockey in Iowa.

On the last saturday of december, Luke Lanigan, an Urbandale High school student, asked me. 

“Hey bud, wanna go for a rip on the ODR.”

To which I replied

“Sure Bud”

Like all good things, they must come to an end. As spring approaches quickly the ice rink at lions is a little more sad. As what used to be ice turns to slush, then eventually water, we will save the last few weeks we have left of hockey season as now our outdoor rink is gone. But what the rink has done for the community of Urbandale and many similar towns is immeasurable and has been an extreme benifit.

(A snowy outdoor rink at Lions)


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