The Starcatcher

We all know the story of Peter Pan with Wendy and her two brothers, now a different story about Peter Pan’s life is coming to Urbandale. Staring Peter Pan played by Kenny Flory and Peter’s Partner in crime Molly, played by Madison Pulica. This Story is about Peter Pan in the early time of his life. They are 13 years old when Peter takes Molly … Continue reading The Starcatcher

The Urbandale Girls Basketball Game

 On February twenty fifth, the Urbandale Varsity Girls Basketball team traveled to Waterloo West High School to play a class 5A state basketball tournament game. Game tip off was at seven PM.  With five minutes and three seconds left in the first quarter Urbandale took a quick lead of 8-0. Through the rest of the first quarter Waterloo was able to make up the difference … Continue reading The Urbandale Girls Basketball Game

Turkey Earthquakes

Over the past month, a series of deadly earthquakes have ripped their way through the middle east. The first one occurred on January 24th, 2020 in eastern Turkey. An estimated forty people lost their lives in this first instance. Additionally, roughly two thousand people were hospitalized. The most recent seismic activity occurred on February 23rd, it was a magnitude 5.7 on the richter scale. The … Continue reading Turkey Earthquakes

A Day in The Life of a High Schooler: Super Tuesday Edition

Political Candidate Joe Biden (pictured at the Iowa State Fair) recieved endorsements from dropout candidate Pete Buttigieg this week before Super Tuesday. March 3rd, 8:05am –  School is rough on Tuesday, every student understands. But today is quite an exciting weekday, possibly one of the best weekdays for politics of the 2020 election year. Today is Super Tuesday! For those who are less involved in … Continue reading A Day in The Life of a High Schooler: Super Tuesday Edition

Students and Cable

With the rising popularity of streaming services like Netflix and free entertainment from websites like Youtube, teenagers are enjoying less and less traditional forms of media. Since its creation in 1948 cable has steadily increased in subscriptions but recent statistics show that online subscriptions have passed cable subscriptions for the first time. Many students use alternative forms of entertainment for its seemingly endless options and … Continue reading Students and Cable