A Day in The Life of a High Schooler: Super Tuesday Edition

UnknownPolitical Candidate Joe Biden (pictured at the Iowa State Fair) recieved endorsements from dropout candidate Pete Buttigieg this week before Super Tuesday.

March 3rd, 8:05am – 

School is rough on Tuesday, every student understands. But today is quite an exciting weekday, possibly one of the best weekdays for politics of the 2020 election year. Today is Super Tuesday! For those who are less involved in the upcoming 2020 election and don’t know what this historic day is all about, 1,617 total delegates will be awarded to Democratic Presidential candidates across 14 states and one territory. This day, being the single most important for the race to the Democratic Convention in July, sets the tone in the rest of the primaries, and can be the ultimate chance for a candidate to run away with the nomination. I jump onto my twitter account, seeing hashtags like “#VoteForBernie”, “#BidenForPresident”, and “#SuperTuesday” trending already. It’s only 8:00 in the morning.


1:00pm – 

I check Twitter to find other political conversations trending, with #VoteforBiden and #californiaprimary trending. At this point in the afternoon, there is no official results from any states, but reporters are on the ground in important states like Texas and California. Tonight is sure to be an interesting one for all the candidates, win or lose.


7:00pm – 

States are beginning to report results. Bernie is projected to win Vermont, Biden in Virginia, and Bloomberg in American Samoa. Nothing crazy yet. I’m interested to see who the delegate leader is by the end of the night. Still no sign of life from Warren, who proclaimed with great triumph how well she would do on Super Tuesday. Bernie supporters are going crazy on twitter. Political twitter is wild.


10:00pm – 

Biden is sweeping the board. Bernie is leading Texas, one of the biggest delegates of the night, but Biden is still leading overall. Bloomberg and Warren will no doubt drop out by the end of the week. Neither of them have any real shot at the nomination in August, and while Bloomberg has deep pockets, it’s certain that Warren doesn’t. Protestors attempted to rush the stage at Joe Biden’s rally tonight, and his wife had his back as their bodyguards mauled them. Very entertaining. 


In conclusion, the clear Super Tuesday winner was Joe Biden, with Bloomberg and Warren as obvious under-performers. The most surprising performance had to be Bernie’s, not getting the young voter turnout that he promised would catapult him ahead of the rest of the democratic candidates. With four months ahead of the country before the democratic representative is selected, Biden still has a lot to prove. With both him and Bernie Sanders neck and neck, this is sure to be an interesting spring.



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