Students and Cable

With the rising popularity of streaming services like Netflix and free entertainment from websites like Youtube, teenagers are enjoying less and less traditional forms of media. Since its creation in 1948 cable has steadily increased in subscriptions but recent statistics show that online subscriptions have passed cable subscriptions for the first time. Many students use alternative forms of entertainment for its seemingly endless options and lack of commercial breaks. Due to the future consumers of America choosing to use streaming over cable, it may seem like cable may have met its demise but recent reports say otherwise. 

Streaming services have become a part of everyday life for young people, some even use them exclusively. 

UHS Junior, Elizabeth Bartels states, “I barely watch cable anymore. I mainly watch Youtube or Netflix now. It gives me more options to watch because there’s like never anything on TV and I don’t have commercials to deal with.”

“During the school year, I watch Netflix or Amazon but not that often, maybe a couple times a month. I definitely watch a little bit of Youtube every day,” in the opinion of Olivia Erikson, a junior at Interstate 35 High School.

Although a large percentage of teenagers choose options other than cable does not mean it is going away anytime soon. According to HDTVtest, cable television remains at the top with the most revenue, making 118 billion dollars in revenue during 2018. Cable One CEO, Julie Laulis said, that her company spends little of its resources on video, rather they choose to focus on providing Internet. It appears as though what may be the end of cable TV as we know it, is the cable companies themselves. 

Young people choose alternative forms of media which means lower viewership of the traditional cable TV. Despite the slight drop in popularity, large companies do not appear worried about this. Companies such as Cable One are focusing on Internet sales rather than video. Students make big impacts on the culture and may be the reason for cables eventual end. 

Youtube has become one of the most popular platforms for entertainment among teens. 


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