The Starcatcher

We all know the story of Peter Pan with Wendy and her two brothers, now a different story about Peter Pan’s life is coming to Urbandale. Staring Peter Pan played by Kenny Flory and Peter’s Partner in crime Molly, played by Madison Pulica. This Story is about Peter Pan in the early time of his life. They are 13 years old when Peter takes Molly to Neverland and they go on many adventures together. Possibly become each other’s first love. 

Madison Pulica, one of the stars of the play, she was so excited and nervous to get the part of Molly. She always wanted to play the part and now she is getting the chance. Madison has always been on stage even when she was a little kid. Theater is Madison’s whole life. When she was in 4th grade she went to theater camp and even then her teacher thought Madison was perfect for the theater life. She loved every part of the theater and after getting the lead in the play she never quit. 

When she gets out of high school she wants to do a double major in Photography and Theater. She wants to get her degree and move out of Iowa and further her career in theater. Madison has many fears, but when she gets out on that stage all of her fears go away and she can be herself. She knows what she is doing and she loves it, “she’s totally in her element.” 

Madison plays Molly aka the Starcatcher in Peter and the starcatcher. She’s a 13 year old girl in a time where girls can speak only when they’re spoken to. Molly is above that role she does not listen or follow anybody else’s rules. Molly is a very mature girl. She’s very ahead of her time and that is the main reason why Madison is so drawn to this character. Madison loves this character, when she reads about the character’s personality,  she wishes she was more like her. She inspires Madison. Madison is so excited about doing this play, she feels like she will learn a lot by doing this play. Even though Madison is not used to this type of character personality, she will try her best to bring this character to life. 

This play is going to be very important to Madison and everyone who is in this play. They just start, but it looks to be a great and exciting play. If you want to see the play it will be on April 24-27 anyone is welcome. Go and support your Urbandale theater students.

No Time To Waste!!


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