The Urbandale Girls Basketball Game

 On February twenty fifth, the Urbandale Varsity Girls Basketball team traveled to Waterloo West High School to play a class 5A state basketball tournament game. Game tip off was at seven PM.  With five minutes and three seconds left in the first quarter Urbandale took a quick lead of 8-0. Through the rest of the first quarter Waterloo was able to make up the difference and ended with a score of 10-9, Urbandale having a one point lead. Urbandale was strong going into the second quarter and at half time the score was 21-21.     

In the third quarter Waterloo took a lead and the Urbandale girls were not able to regain control. The third quarter ended with a score of 36-35. Durring the final quarter the Urbandale girls played a strong game, there was five minutes left in the game, Urbandale and Waterloo were tied at 39-39. Playing neck and neck the entire fourth quarter neither team was able to take a solid lead. At sixteen seconds left on the clock the game was tied again at 44-44. Waterloo made a foul and sent Faith Putz to the line, shooting two. Faith missed both shots and Waterloo took the rebound, Waterloo ran the ball down to their side of the court and Urbandale played a strong defense. With one second left on the clock a foul was called on Urbandale and Waterloo made two shots, ending the game 44-46.

The Urbandale Varsity Girls ended their season with a game record of 15-8 and the Waterloo girls will continue on in the class 5A state tournament.


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