Never Surrender

April ninth through the eleventh, the Iowa National Guard will be holding a competition and basic training simulation on Camp Dodge. 

The Competition will be between all the Recruit Sustainment Companies in the state to see which company is the best. “Never Surrender” as my recruiter Joshua Wine SFC and the rest of RSP A Co says at the end of every drill. This means we never give up no matter what. That saying embodies the ideology of determination which the competition is building on more. It is also to see who is the best company in the state.

The simulation portion of it is to prepare recruits for basic training. The biggest reason the Recruit Sustainment Program or RSP is around is to prepare for basic training. Basic training is a ten-week program where the military deploys a soldier to one of few bases to be broken down and built back up physically and mentally.  This is what a soldier has to do to qualify for all of the assistance that comes with being a soldier.


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