Covid Surges Impacting Schools

Almedina Omerovic The Covid-19 Pandemic has made a drastic impact on the schools and the new surges aren’t helping.  Covid-19 is an infectious disease that is spreading like wildfire all over the world.  The pandemic has made a great impact all over the world, from loss of jobs, the increasing numbers of deaths, and especially schooling. As 2022 begins, the new surges of Covid-19 is … Continue reading Covid Surges Impacting Schools

Taliban in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a beautiful country known for its famous historical sights located in the midst of Central and South Asia. It has rough terrain with landlocked mountains. It is also home to more than two-thousand-year-old statues. The beautiful water bodies and a very old and important history make it one of the many major countries around the globe. Although, the current situations in Afghanistan are … Continue reading Taliban in Afghanistan

Getting to know Mrs. Gyure

Melissa Gyrue is an Urbandale Highschool teacher who teaches Spanish and Cultural Issues. In her free time she enjoys decorating cakes, traveling, and learning new things. She cares deeply about her students and makes her classroom an educational and fun place to learn. Mrs. Gyure would define herself as many things, but one thing that she hears a lot is that she is organized, fun, … Continue reading Getting to know Mrs. Gyure

Show Choir Department

By: Almedina Omerovic Urbandale High School is known for the many activities students participate in.  One popular activity is Show Choir.  Show Choir at Urbandale is available to people anywhere from 7th grade to 12th grade.  There are 3 different Show Choir groups at Urbandale.  Pizzazz is the middle school group for the 7th and 8th graders.  They have 2 high school groups, Vitality and … Continue reading Show Choir Department