Covid Surges Impacting Schools

Almedina Omerovic

The Covid-19 Pandemic has made a drastic impact on the schools and the new surges aren’t helping.  Covid-19 is an infectious disease that is spreading like wildfire all over the world.  The pandemic has made a great impact all over the world, from loss of jobs, the increasing numbers of deaths, and especially schooling.

As 2022 begins, the new surges of Covid-19 is hitting the whole world hard.  A new variant of Covid-19 has been found, Omicron.  Omicron is highly infectious and can spread incredibly fast.  Many schools are shutting down due to the amount of teachers and students getting Covid-19.  

The New York Times said, “New York City, the nation’s largest district and the one currently most threatened by the Omicron variant, has 1,600 schools; seven are currently closed because of virus cases, with  45 under investigation”.

This is extremely dangerous for not only students, but teachers as well.  The safety of staff and students is important knowing that contracting Covid-19 can lead to hospitalization.  Some symptoms of Omicron include a running nose, headaches, sneezing, and sore throat.  Schools are a breeding ground of diseases, making Covid easy to spread.  Many schools already have a subbing issue, and having Covid-19 spreading around isn’t helping.  

The New York Times said, “Schools are losing students, teachers, and even bus drivers”.

Schools need students, teachers, and other employees to keep the school running and in good shape.  Students come to school to learn, and not having teachers to help them with school is detrimental for the students and their learning.  The education system was already having problems during the pandemic, but the new surges aren’t helping.

Over the last couple years of the pandemic, schools have been hit incredibly hard.  With the shutdown and now the new surges, students and teachers are experiencing a new school environment.  Many districts don’t want to go fully remote and this is not helping the spread of Covid-19 and is hurting students and teachers. The more schools mandate masks, and add more safety precautions, the quicker students and teachers will be able to go back to schools.  Making sure our schools environments are safe will help students and teachers do well.

Urbandale High School students working in Mrs. Dunbar classroom due to their teacher being absent from Covid-19 and not being able to find a substitute in time for class.


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