Getting to know Mrs. Gyure

Melissa Gyrue is an Urbandale Highschool teacher who teaches Spanish and Cultural Issues. In her free time she enjoys decorating cakes, traveling, and learning new things. She cares deeply about her students and makes her classroom an educational and fun place to learn. Mrs. Gyure would define herself as many things, but one thing that she hears a lot is that she is organized, fun, and positive. She immensely enjoys teaching and would never want to do anything else. She is very close to her family and appreciates them a lot. 

Gyure would describe herself as positive, organized, and fun. She likes to be encouraging because it helps her reach her students at a deeper level. Nobody wants to walk into a negative space, so she always tries to come into her classroom with a smile on her face and a friendly attitude. Additionally, she is committed to thinking ahead, this includes her planning ahead for the days approaching. She is usually ready with a solution to any problem because she is prepared ahead of time. Gyure would also categorize herself as fun, this shows through her classroom and teaching style. She likes to convey the information through many exciting ways such as games, activities, and working with partners instead of the usual note taking. Gyure understands that not everyone learns the same way, so she always has various ways to try to educate her students. Mrs. Gyure is a committed teacher who prides herself on being fun, positive, and organized. 

Gyure is an avid traveler who enjoys experiencing new things and going on exciting adventures all around the world.  She has been to over twenty-two distinct countries, her favorites being Costa Rica, Germany, England, and Guatemala. 

“Guatemala is an undiscovered gem of a country,” Gyure explained, “the people were so welcoming, letting us into their homes and businesses. They shared their culture, food, and crafts with us. The beauty of the country was incredible. I would go back in a second.” 

She is also looking forward to hopefully going on the school Peru trip and seeing the wondrous Machu Picchu. Additionally, one day she really wants to visit Korea and Taiwan. 

Gyure expressed that she has wanted to be a teacher since she could remember.  One component of this dream was the influence of Gyure’s father, who was a geography teacher and instilled a love for the world and for teaching at an early age. She also greatly admired her teachers during her schooling years. Especially her Spanish, English, and Social Studies teachers. Some important advice Gyure was given came from her teacher, Mr. Ludwig, who taught her about the three Greek axioms, which are known thy self, nothing in excess, and punishment is near. She still lives by these codes today. Gyure enjoys many things about being a teacher, but her favorite is when she gets to help her students experience and understand culture more.

“I really like that proverbial lightbulb moment when the information clicks and the students are understanding it,” Gyure said, “to watch them grow both as a person and as a learner is so rewarding”

This is why she puts in so much effort to make a positive impact on her students. She understands that not every student is going to enjoy her class, but she tries to make it as educational and interesting as possible.

Gyure is most grateful for her loving family, encouraging parents, and inspirational role models. Her parents especially always encouraged her to follow her dreams. She is very close to her family and enjoys spending time with them. Gyure also expressed how lucky she was to have such great role models including her sisters who are marvelous women that she looks up to particularly. The best piece of advice she’s ever been given is to always follow your heart and be passionate about what you are doing. In life you will always be happier if you are excited to go to work. That being said, Gyure has also expressed the hardship she has faced in the past year. COVID-19 has been a major obstacle to education everywhere. 

“COVID-19 has made it challenging, I worry a lot about the health and safety of my students,” Gyure confessed, “I had to, especially when we were fully remote or hybrid, come up with many new activities that could be done remotely or did not involve physical use of materials.”

Gyure had to learn how to navigate this new scary world and that was incredibly challenging. Eventually she learned how to adapt, and though it’s not ideal, keep on educating.

Melissa Gyure is a kind and understanding   teacher who is dedicated to her job and family. She enjoys decorating cakes and going on incredible adventures all around the world. Her dream has always been teaching, and she has always loved it. She always goes out of her way to educate her students during these trying times and is an important part of Urbandale High School as a whole. 


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