Show Choir Department

By: Almedina Omerovic

Urbandale High School is known for the many activities students participate in.  One popular activity is Show Choir.  Show Choir at Urbandale is available to people anywhere from 7th grade to 12th grade.  There are 3 different Show Choir groups at Urbandale.  Pizzazz is the middle school group for the 7th and 8th graders.  They have 2 high school groups, Vitality and Studio.  

Pizzazz is currently directed by John Edgeton and choreographed by Anne Chapman.  The Pizzazz 2022 season just recently came to an end.  They went to many competitions like Johnston Showzam, Norwalk Nexus, and also performed at the Urbandale Show Choir Invitational.  At Johnston Showzam, they got 2nd place overall, and Brandon Cox won best soloist.  At Norwalk Nexus, they also got 2nd place in their division and Carys Nelson won best female soloist.  Overall Pizzazz had a great season and a great year!

Vitality is Urbandale Show Choir’s junior varsity group.  Vitality is directed by Chris Conner and choreographed by Anne Chapman.  Vitality 2022 is currently made up of 40 members ranging from grades 9th grade through 12th grade.  Their season isn’t currently over and still have 2 competitions left.  At Johnston Showzam they won their division and also won best band, best vocals, and best visuals.  At Waukee Starstruck, they got 2nd place and Rowen Noelle Getz won best soloist.  

A member from Vitality, Addie Debour, a freshman said “Vitality is like a family to me, Urbandale Show Choir helps me build friendships with others and it’s something I’ll always love”.

Studio is Urbandale Show Choir’s varsity group.  Studio is well known for it’s amazing vocals and breathtaking choreography.  It is currently directed by Ted Brimeyer and choreographed by Stephen Todd.  

Ashlyn Meyer, a member of Studio said, “Studio is an amazing group to be in, I love how welcoming everyone is and I feel like I am a part of a family.  There is amazing leadership in the group and I wouldn’t want to be with any other group”. 

 Studio season has not ended yet, and have 2 more competitions left.  At Waukee Starstruck, they ended up winning first place in their division, best choreography, best visuals, and best vocals.  

The show choir department at Urbandale is an amazing department filled with many students eager to become better singers and dancers.  The amazing directors are also challenging their students to be the best they can be and making them improve more and more each day.  Being a part of the show choir is an amazing opportunity and can create many unforgettable memories!

Vitality and Studio at Johnston Showzam getting ready for



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