Taliban in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a beautiful country known for its famous historical sights located in the midst of Central and South Asia. It has rough terrain with landlocked mountains. It is also home to more than two-thousand-year-old statues. The beautiful water bodies and a very old and important history make it one of the many major countries around the globe.

Although, the current situations in Afghanistan are not very appealing. Last year, the U.S. Military left Afghanistan in August, ending a 20-year mission and handing it over to the Taliban. This major decision was led by Joe Biden, the current President of the United States of America. Many controversies followed this decision. According to a survey held by Pew Research Center, 54% of citizens of the US agreed on the decision being the right one while 42% of citizens were against the change.

Since then, the Taliban have imposed various rules which have caused controversies all around the globe. For example, girls were instructed to stay home from school, women were banned from working in TV dramas, and female journalists and presenters were instructed to wear headscarves during shoots. These rules were working against the female half of the society. In the entertainment sector, shows which may be against religion and might offend the Afghans were prohibited. This includes foreign shows promoting foreign cultural values. Also, the Taliban cabinet has no women in its ministry.

There was a humanitarian crisis in the country and the Afghans were facing major food insecurities, a decrease in income, and rising prices. The country is currently having conversations with European countries like Norway to help them with the crisis and save the Afghani people from the disaster. Many citizens of the country are also fleeing to other countries in order to be and feel safe from the deadly attacks. Iowa has an expectation of hosting more than
a thousand refugees from Afghanistan.

Even though the country is not facing good times as of now, hopefully, the future will bring peace and happiness to the doors of the citizens of Afghanistan. There are many organizations and countries working towards achieving this feat as soon as possible.


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