Urbandale Bowling

Bowling has been one of Urbandale’s strongest sports in recent years. Currently, the Varsity Boys team has eight wins and only three losses. While the Varsity Girls team has won twice and lost nine times. Last year Urbandale  placed second in the state tournament, with a score so close to the top, they are determined to make it to the top this year.

Bowling has been a very successful sport for Urbandale for a while now. Alec Reseland and Caden Ziegler hold numerous records here at Urbandale, with Alec averaging two hundred thirty eight pins in meets during the 2016-2017 season. Caden right behind him, averaging one hundred and ninety six pins. Alec  once ranked number eight in the state for boys bowling. His brother, Cody Reseland also  bowls for Urbandale and has been on varsity ever since he was a freshman.

As the season progresses, boys bowling seems to be getting better and better every meet. Their scores seem to be improving compared to the opponents scores. Every week, the point difference between Urbandale and the team they face seems to get bigger. They are preparing for the state tournament and are catching a streak at the perfect time.

Confidence is the key in anything, especially sports related. Bowling is not as physically demanding such as sports like soccer and basketball, but it contains some aspects other sports do not. The game of bowling is as mentally challenging as it gets, not knocking down enough pins, being the last chance for your team and you cannot come through. It is very easy to get down on yourself and lose all hope, confidence, and even enjoyment.

Soon enough we will see the end of the  bowling season, but not before some exciting times. The boys have a conference meet on February seventh, and a district meet on February fifteenth. With so much confidence going in, and the loss of last year’s state championship riding with them the whole way through, they have everything they need to succeed.


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