Urban Grill

Name Sully sheil

Date 01/26/22

The urban grill is a restaurant located at 3651 86th St, Urbandale Iowa. The urban grill is a restaurant that is a part of a small chain of restaurants. It is owned by Dave Thompson and will soon be owned by Chad Thomspon.  

The food at the urban grill is specially prepared by the cooks. It is made the time the order has come in and comes out even quicker, it is always warm and cooked properly. There are several different items on the menu like calamari, ribs, burgers, and more. The burgers are customer favorites, especially the eye-opener burger. The eye-opener burger is made of, ½ lb burger, American cheese, bacon, ham, fried egg, Ito on a ciabatta bun. If you don’t like any of those you can order the pasta or the salads. The pasta can be either sweet or spicy. 

The service is one of the best part of this is because everyone treats you as if you were family. You’ll never have to wait on a table for more than 5 minutes. Every staff member makes sure you have a good time and make sure you get what you need or want. The Waiters or Waitresses are always making sure you are happy and always have a good vibe to them. The owner Dave Thompson is a kind man and always tries to improve if something is not up to code or liking of customers. The bartenders will make your drink with such class and people say they taste fantastic. 

In conclusion, the urban grill is the best restaurant in Urbandale. it has the best service, great-tasting food, and great management. The owner is respectable and nice. You don’t have to wait for too long to eat and the service is quick. 


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