The Urbandale High School Weight Lifting Program

 Urbandale High School is very dedicated to the school’s athletics and has recently added a weightlifting program to the school to better the athletes. Urbandale has built a brand new weight room along with the program to better the equipment along with the athletes. Urbandale also offers the program as a class so kids in and out of sports can lift and improve themselves.

One athlete, Brenna Vierling, who is enrolled in the weight lifting class says “The program has helped me better myself and prepare me for my upcoming seasons in my sport,” 

Pete Traynor, the school’s director of strength and conditioning, has put much time and effort into this program. He does this to help students feel prepared for the upcoming seasons, as Vierling does.

Traynor says, “It helps out tremendously more from the standpoint of us being able to help out athletes become more resilient and just overall better athletes, regardless of sport, male or female, or anything like that,”

Traynor has put time and effort into the improvement of his student-athletes. Traynor works on average 50 to 60 hours a week from getting to the building early to help students with their morning workouts, to planning workouts during his open periods. He has studied what is best for them and what will help them best with their athletics. Traynor designs each person their workouts based on what their body and their sport needs.

Traynor said, “ I will make notes during the different seasons, and talk to the coaches, and say the basketball team has hamstring issues. I will them take the bare bones of the workouts, what I like the most, and then change, adjust, and adapt to help bring up whatever deficiencies to prevent issues from happening again,”

Traynor helps out the athletes greatly with tedious planning, studying, and working with them to figure out what is best for them. The athletes at Urbandale High School have benefited greatly from the weight lifting program and Traynor’s hard work and dedication.

Urbandale’s new weightlifting facility including all new equipment


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