Teacher Feature on Mrs. Ibrahim

Karin Ibrahim has worked in the Urbandale district for four years, teaching Language and Literature, Creative Writing, and Experiences in Writing 1 & 2 in the English department. She went into college to become a veterinarian but changed her major after her second year. 

“I was taking all the science classes, but when I got to my organic chemistry class, I was like, yeah it’s not going to happen,” Ibrahim said. “At the time I was taking this really cool English class and I loved it, so after my second year, I switched to English and it’s been amazing.” 

With the 2021-22 school year nearing its end, the district approved a new grading system for the new school year this fall. As opposed to the letter grading system, students will scored to a standards-based grading scale from 1-4 based on the students understanding. 

“I actually love the standard grading, the zero through 4 scale, because I think it gives you a better representation of where you’re at, in terms of the standards of the content in the classroom. It sets up less bias because you’re tying student work exactly to the standard and not, you know, arbitrary points,” Ibrahim commented, stating she also had a good experience with the grading system while working at East high.

“My favorite part about working at Urbandale, is the students and how amazing they are, I have so much fun coming to work. Even when the kids are really annoying I still have a lot of fun coming to work and to be with them everyday.”

Mrs. Ibrahim is one of the two faculty facilitators of Core club, and has been for two years, alongside Mrs. Hoesly. Core club is the Community Of Racial Equality, a student-led club that works towards educating students about racial equity issues, and equality in regards to our community, Iowa, and the nation as a whole. 

“My goal for core is that we can continue to develop a big community where people feel welcome. So they feel like they can be brought to the table to have those uncomfortable conversations; that they’re equipped to have those conversations. And my goal is to create more mentorship programs between the high school and middle school, and develop scholarships for kids as well,” Mrs. Ibrahim stated, adding that now it’s about bringing kids to the table to make these things happen and hopefully continue these programs into the future. 

Mrs. Ibrahim will be leaving the English department and moving to the ELL department for the upcoming school year, but will continue to motivate and welcome students to her classroom for core at the Urbandale High School.


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