The Breakfast Soup

When it comes to arguing over a mindless, simple question, high schoolers jump over the opportunity to debate. Some examples of this are: Is a hot dog considered a sandwich? Is water wet? Lately, another thinker has been buzzing around Urbandale High School. Is cereal considered soup? There are valid arguments going either way and some students and teachers around the school feel very strongly about … Continue reading The Breakfast Soup

Voices Heard through Writing

Urbandale High School is filled with students overflowing with talent, especially with talent in writing. Fortunately, the school has started an event where students get the opportunity to showcase these talents. Write Out Loud, or WOL, is an event developed by the English Department teachers from the high school, allowing students to present a personally written piece to an audience. These events are held in … Continue reading Voices Heard through Writing

The Des Moines Storyteller

It is not always easy writing about local Iowa stories and turning them into something bigger. Aaron Young does this as well as anybody. As a 26-year-old journalist who works for the Des Moines Register, Young has made a name for himself as a talented, young writer. Along with producing entertainment through the newspaper in Des Moines, he is able to support his community in … Continue reading The Des Moines Storyteller

From a Dragon to a J-Hawk

Just like every other season during the school year, spring is filled with competitive high schools all working towards being champions of their sport. Year after year, Urbandale High School is one of many schools competing in the gauntlet of Iowa soccer. Following two consecutive strong seasons, Jimmy Frizzell and the Urbandale J-Hawks hope to dominate the field like they are so used to. Three … Continue reading From a Dragon to a J-Hawk

It’s Not All About the Game

“Super Bowl Sunday” is one of the most exciting phrases heard around the country. On Sunday, February 4, 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles faced off against a familiar face to the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots. The high scoring, back-and-forth game, was exactly what  spectators hope for in a Super Bowl. For those who don’t enjoy watching a football game though, Super Bowl Sunday consists … Continue reading It’s Not All About the Game

“Welcome to Flavortown”

There isn’t a more comfortable, divey hometown restaurant than George The Chili King Drive-In. The small drive-in successfully runs as one of the old school restaurants in the Des Moines area. Everywhere from the LED sign outside the building, to the red high chairs watching the grill, The Chili King has been producing food the original way since the 1950’s. The Chili King has history … Continue reading “Welcome to Flavortown”

Everything Urbandale Music Could Ask For

The music and show choir program is a strong community within Urbandale High School. They have become so successful because of people like Tyler Gajewski. Gajewski is active throughout the music department in groups such as band and show choir. Because of his involvement and experiences at Urbandale, Gajewsky has had an exciting four years of high school and is ready to take on the … Continue reading Everything Urbandale Music Could Ask For

Creating Us

In the beginning, the first class you are required to take is Art Exploration. All three of the instructors teach this class. In this class, the goal is to learn basic drawing skills, art values/principles, and terminology. Art Expo, for short, is the perfect class for underclassmen to take because it is a good opportunity for the teachers to introduce themselves and make early relationships … Continue reading Creating Us