Getting to Know Angelica Chaisson-Cardenas

Angelica Chaisson-Cardenas is a fifteen-year-old sophomore at Urbandale High School. She was born in Saint Paul Minnesota but moved to Washington when she was three and stayed there until she was seven. Her family moved to Iowa in 2007, where she jumped from Ankeny to Iowa City before finally settling in Urbandale. She is the new president of Key Club, an activist for woman’s rights, … Continue reading Getting to Know Angelica Chaisson-Cardenas

Teacher Feature on Mrs. Ibrahim

Karin Ibrahim has worked in the Urbandale district for four years, teaching Language and Literature, Creative Writing, and Experiences in Writing 1 & 2 in the English department. She went into college to become a veterinarian but changed her major after her second year.  “I was taking all the science classes, but when I got to my organic chemistry class, I was like, yeah it’s … Continue reading Teacher Feature on Mrs. Ibrahim

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Near the end of February 2022, everyone around the world could feel the heat rising in Russia. On the 22nd, Putin was authorized to access Russia’s military force from Parliament. More specifically, for use outside of the country. By the 23rd, Ukraine calls a state of emergency throughout the country as Russian forces gather around the border. On the 24th, Russia invades and attacks Ukraine … Continue reading Volodymyr Zelenskyy

What is Critical Race Theory?

As of recently, over 13 states in the US have banned the teaching and education of Critical Race Theory in schools. Teachers who welcome gatherings in support of these views have been fired immediately, and more and more law officials around the country have been bringing the issues to court. But what is critical race theory? And how does this affect people across the country … Continue reading What is Critical Race Theory?